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Everyone Wants A Puppy!

Nobody will deny how cute a puppy is. They are small, cuddly, goofy and just so much fun! They are full of life and energy that warms the heart and makes you smile. So they tear up something or have an accident on the floor! They are babies and will outgrow that. But wait. Do they? That depends on you.

You see, when you take a puppy in, you have to know and expect training to be required. They have to learn that they can not take food from the table, from your hands, from the hands of your children. They have to be taught that getting into the trash or chewing on wires is a no no! They don't automatically know that they are expected to use the bathroom outside after a few months. They learn sit, stay, get it, leave it, lay down and other commands as they are puppies. Their humans are expected to teach them that but not everyone seems to think so. Now don't get me wrong. Some are more difficult to train, catch on slower or try your patience. So do kids but we don't give up on them and throw them out at age 3 so please don't give up and throw them out either. A little work and patience and you will come to find that you will have an amazing pet, best friend, bodyguard and play buddy.

If one tactic of teaching doesn't work, try something new, shorten your commands. Usually a dog comes to understand shorter commands quicker. Instead of telling them "Let's go outside to use the bathroom", say "outside" and then stay until they take care of business. Ring a bell that is hanging on the door each time you do this and they may just ring the bell to let you know, "outside" is needed. "No" is one of the first commands mine have all learned. When they are caught chewing on the wires, using the bathroom on the floor, getting into the trash....NO....It doesn't take long before they learn and I don't have to be anywhere near them when I say No, they stop. I don't have to yell it or scream or throw anything at them. They simply look at me, as if to say, "but please". They do stop though and I rarely even have to say it anymore. Well, I didn't until I started fostering this adorable little mess of a puppy that hasn't found his home yet. He will though and he is a smart one. He has already caught on to No, down, stop and he plays fetch with me. None of my lazy dogs do that anymore. He even drops the ball at my feet unlike one of mine that wanted to play tug of war with it in her younger days.

If you adopt a puppy, please think threw the entire process and look beyond the point of how "cute" or "adorable" they are. Think about the training, the messes, the hard work and the dedication that comes with it. Don't focus on just that though, look further ahead than that. Once the work is done....usually within the first year of be consistent, you will have a very loyal, well behaved dog trained to your likes and dislikes. Also consider where this puppy will be in 10 years. If you have to move, are you willing to ensure that no matter where you go in life, that this little critter that you put so much time and energy into will always go with you? They will love and depend on you. You will be their only family and their best friend. Please don't leave them behind if you don't have to. Just like people, dogs can become confused and depressed, scared and uncertain. As people we can talk to each other, dogs don't have that option. Love and respect them and they will love and respect you.

One last thing. Please spay or neuter your pets. It is not fair that Skye was living in a shelter and rescued pregnant when she came to us. It is not fair that her 9 babies were born in a rescue instead of in a home filled with love and unlimited kindness. All 9 babies are ready for adoption. A contract will be required for spay/neuter. Each have had their first set of vaccinations and are chipped.

Applications for adoption can be found on this website. Thank you for taking time to read this and if you have any questions or concerns about training, reach out to us. We also have a blog with a recommendation on what books you can read, or who's videos to watch to help with that process.

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