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Three French Bullgod Puppies

Voice for Animals Rescue and Sanctuary

Please understand that we love every animal that comes through our doors. We want to help place our pets in their perfect forever homes. For us to do that, we need your help. We ask that you be willing to open your door to a member of our team for a home visit where we can talk, not judge. We will ask simple questions such as, do you have children? how many? Is anyone in your home disabled? Do you have cattle or other livestock? Do you need a dog already house trained? This helps us in finding you a pet that will be everything you need it to be. Some are scared of a simple baseball cap, does anyone in your home wear one daily? These questions will help us to inform you of the pets that we have that fit your needs.



Our fee of $250.00 ($300 out of state) does not cover all of the medical, spay/neuter, getting pets up to date on shots or getting them back into mental and physical condition, heartworm treatments, microchips and other things we do for these pets in order to be adopted. We strive to make the adoption fee reasonable and affordable. The adoption fees are then used to vet another pet. We attempt to travel the great state of Texas to help those that need us most. We can't do this alone and appreciate all donations. If you find it in your heart to take in one of these babies and find that they do not fit into your home, we will take the pet back. We only ask that you tell us why in order to help us locate their perfect home.

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Fees and Pricing

For a limited time only, adoption fees are reduced!

Adoption Fee is $250 in state

out of state $300 (only covers cost of transport)
All dogs are microchipped, up to date on vaccinations, spayed or neutered unless they are underage, or you are informed otherwise.

(Puppies are 5 months and younger) 

Any dog not yet spayed/neutered will require a contract stating it is required to be completed within a year of adoption and no litter, accidental or intentional will occur.  No adult dog will be transported outside of Texas before being spayed or neutered. 

When adopting a puppy, please understand that not all vetting can be completed. We prefer for them to be in their forever homes as quickly as possible and making them wait until they are 6 months old is not fair to their new parents or them. They will be up to date on vaccinations for their age unless they come to us older. We require they have at least 2 sets of vaccinations for their safety before they are transported out of state.  


Click to Download or Complete a Digital Form Online

Thank you for your interest in helping improve and save the lives of animals. Please email completed forms to We look forward to meeting and working with you.  To complete the forms without printing please visit the links listed in the text under each form.

Adoption Application

Home Visits are required.

With Covid19 came challenges to this aspect and other forms of home visits are available for out of state or upon request.

See top for details on home visits. All animals are spayed or neutered (unless they are under age or health conditions prevent it per a licensed veterinarian), up to date on shots and microchipped.  

Foster Application

Not sure you're ready to own?

Foster a pet. Are you good at training and house breaking? You could be a life saver to both the rescue and the animal. Some have given up on humans. Show them we care by providing them with love and a secure home until their forever owners can find them.

Please let us know if you have a vacation or other planned event that may put you on a time limit. We need time to work around moving the pet into boarding or a temp foster until you return and are able to take them back into your home.

Volunteer Application

Interested in giving us a hand?

We will hold events and other activities. Come give us a hand at our events, help plan events, walk or play with the animals. We welcome and appreciate helping hands.

Pet Surrender

We understand that there are times when someone may be faced with surrendering their pets. It does not make you a bad pet owner, a dog chasing livestock needs to be homed in a location where livestock does not reside. We may ask if you are able to continue fostering the pet while we search for a new home for them. Fostering them for us usually gets them into our family quicker as we do not have to search for a place for them to stay temporarily and can begin the task of getting them home.  If we have the space to take in a pet surrender, we will. We only ask that you be completely honest with us about why the animal does not fit into your home to help us place the pet in a home that is fitting for them. As we generally have questions, we do prefer that you contact us personally in order to surrender your pets. 

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