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Voice for Animals is a 100% volunteer
non-profit. We depend on people like you to help with our mission. 

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Volunteer Your Time

At Voice for Animals Rescue and Sanctuary, our mission is to protect and provide a safe haven for animals in need. We rely heavily upon the generosity of our communities in order to accomplish this goal. One of the simplest ways to help our cause is to volunteer your time. Whether you’re a student looking for community service hours, or a retiree with a passion for animals, we can provide a fulfilling opportunity to give back to animals in need.

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There Are Many Ways to Help

Helping doesn't mean having time to stop by and walk dogs. Most of our pets are in foster homes where they get one on one love and attention. So how can you help?

  • Offer to assist with adoption or foster applications

  • Offer to pick up donated dog food and meet one of our board members for pick up

  • Apply to foster

  • Assist in Electronic advertising, website or email campaigns

  • Plan parties or events, even if you can't attend, it would help if the plans were in place as we all work outside of the home and rescue. We have very limited time to put towards this.

  • Create or Donate gift baskets or other crafts for us to auction off or sale for profits or to use for raffles.

  • Assist in meet and greets for potential adopters.

  • Sponsor a dog or cat that is in our care.

  • Offer to assist with transports to and from Vet appointments or other transports.

If you are able to help in any of the ways listed above, please contact us and let's get you started. We need people like you to help keep us going!

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