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NOTICE - Owner Surrenders

Intake has been closed since mid-April 2023!


We are receiving tons of animal surrender request right now and we can NOT describe how much pain and heartbreak this causes. We are beyond our normal capacity. We need dog food, large outdoor kennels, raised beds, pools, flea and heart worm prevention, funds for a van that will allow more than 1-2 dogs to get to the veterinarian, a building that offers indoor/outdoor access with controlled temperature: air-conditioning and heat throughout the year. 

We are bursting at the seams with our current load and unfortunately cannot take any more in at this time. Shelters are full and also have no room. Shelters generally euthanize owner surrenders first. Dogs that are dumped get mistreated and learn to not trust people making it difficult to catch them again. Once caught; they don't always thrive in a home again. Some are not even lucky enough to get a chance as they are shot, hit by cars, thrown rocks and yes, some have even been found stabbed. These pets are often left roaming the streets injured and suffering. Not all of them are lucky enough to get picked up by a rescue before being found deceased from a slow and painful death.  Do you want that for your pet?

While a shelter might euthanize, that's better than being in a cold harsh world all alone with no food and no water in 100+ degree temps, being mistreated and never getting the chance to be seen by those that do visit the shelters or seen by rescues that monitor those shelters. They are given a shelter, a safe place, food and water and if needed medical care. 

We not only have too many at the moment, but we also have several medical needs in line for treatment.

Do not tell us you need to get rid of them because you can't keep them in the yard. Take them out on a leash! Spend time with and really get to know them. Do you know that many dogs like to take toys with them on walks?

Do not say you don't have time for them. They sleep while you are at work. Are you just not wanting the responsibility of the time that is needed once you get home? You don't want to walk them or take them out after you get off of work, not that you can't. There are games and things you can do with your pet while sitting on your couch watching TV. Most of them are just happy to cuddle up at your feet or on your lap. 

Do not say you can't take them with you when you move! Do you leave your kids behind when you move? Your spouse? Pets are just as much of a responsibility as they are. Pets do not pick their owners. At one point you chose them? Why? You are responsible for them. While we do try and want to help when we are able, we cannot take on everyone's responsibility. 

A dog will risk its life to protect you because you are their person. What will you do for someone willing to die to protect you?

Whatever you decide, YOUR pet is YOUR responsibility and YOU do NOT have the right to try and shame us for not doing enough because we didn't take over YOUR responsibility!

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