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Save animals from euthanasia

At Voice for Animals Rescue and Sanctuary, we want to make the lives of animals in our community and those surrounding us better. We want to save as many lives as we can and get them into foster homes and adoptive homes, where they can live a happy, healthy life as a loved family member. While we will accept all dogs we want to focus on bully breeds, seniors and special needs dogs. We never turn away an animal in need. Photo is of a feral cat from a local shelter that we pulled to help.

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Sanctuary for non adoptables

Unfortunately there are dogs that are harder to adopt or are completely unadoptable for various reasons, such as fear toward people, other dog aggression, or are just not able to fit into the average home. We want to give these dogs a chance for a good, peaceful life here at the sanctuary.


We have gotten many dogs out of shelters or off the streets that are pregnant, some it came as a surprise. Others were in horrible physical condition because the dog was used just for breeding. We are working hard to get put an end to what we can from our side. All animals go out spayed or neutered unless they are too young or a vet states it is not in their best interest because of their current health condition. Those that are too young have contracts that require we get proof within one year of adoption.  We need your help with make this happen. Please donate if you can.

Rescue Puppy
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