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A lot going on in Kempner!!

We have been busy here at the rescue. We have Skye who recently had 9 puppies!! If you wish to help with food you can see our Amazon wish list on the donate page!

Lane has gone to his new forever home in Montana! Good luck lil boy! We will love and miss you but wish you and your new family a very happy life together!

Amara for some reason is still available! She is super sweet and loveable, not too mention a beauty! Want to lay on the couch? Fine with her, she will lay on it with you! Want to go for a walk? That's fine too! She will walk right beside you on her leash with out a complaint! Want to meet her? Our application can be found a few buttons over! We would love to introduce you to her! We do work with a transporter now, so let us know where you are and we will do our best to work things out with you!

June is still looking for her furever home as well! She is also a beauty waiting for her hero to enter her life and show her the kind of love she doesn't know exist! Let us know if you would like to show her the kind of love that last a lifetime!

Then there is Timmy. Oh yes, that sweet old man may have been dumped off or abandoned or maybe the hard headed old man just wondered off and couldn't get back home. He hasn't been feeling too good lately and required an ER visit last Sunday. He may be old at 10 or more years but fighting an ear infection for months would bring any of us down. He is doing better today though. Don't worry about him, we will keep an eye on him for ya'll.

We are off for the night, once again, playing with pups. I think our technical difficulties are behind us for now so I will return for another report tomorrow! Good night folks!

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