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Getting a Pet

Lots of people want a pet or another pet! They are cute, sweet and often times just so funny you can't stand it! They make you laugh, sit close snuggle you when you cry as if they know that you are sad. They cuddle you when you are sleeping and definitely think that when you eat, they are also suppose to eat. Getting a pet isn't always as easy as you may think. I mean sure, there are several people giving them away or selling them for $20-$50 every day. Really, there is a lot more to consider.

Where do you live? If you rent, does the landlord allow pets? Do they have a weight limit or are they breed specific when it comes to dogs? Are you only allowed to have a certain amount of pets? What animals are considered pets with the landlord? Are fish and birds included as pets with your landlord? If so, you may have a problem with adding to the family.

Where you live plays a large roll on what pet you choose. Even if you own, your county and sometimes your state limit your breed or the number of pets you have. What happens to it if you move to one of those counties or states that no longer allow them? Will you choose to not move there? Chances are, if you have a higher paying job offer you can't refuse or that is where some of your family are, you are going to go. Did you know that animals surrendered are among the first to be put down? Knowing that, would that change your mind on where the pet goes? If you find no place, will you just drop it off on the side of some back road some place, "someone will find it and take it in". Sadly, that's not always true either.

As someone in rescue, I have seen those pets go months or even years without someone taking them in. They start to look horrible, they are starved or mistreated. We had one come in that kids threw rocks at. It's a homeless dog that the owner didn't want so it must be a piece of crap anyway right? NO! That dog, once brought back into good health was the most loving and sweet creature you could ever imagine. She did not deserve to be set out of a vehicle like her life didn't matter. It happens though, here in Texas is happens a lot. We hear the excuses of "It wont listen". You got it as a puppy but it was too cute to get into trouble then. When it got older, it was already set into the habit of what was ok while living with you. So, someone else takes in your mess, trains it, loves, cleans it up and teaches it what it should have already been taught. It drives me absolutely crazy to hear that someone dumps off a grown dog or cat so they can go get a new puppy or kitten. What is the matter with you? You don't dump one to get a new one. That is not at all right. Take the time to love and train and bond with the one you have.

If the landlord you have at the moment allows you to have a pit bull so you commit to one, stay with it. Do not move until you find another place that will allow you to take that baby with you. When people stop renting from landlords that don't allow those certain breeds, they will have to change their game plan to get renters. If you know that you will not be living there forever, plan to get a pet that you know will be allowed at any place you get. I have never seen Labs be restricted or Golden retrievers or for that matter chows. Go with one of those so that you will have no problem finding a new home for all of you when you move. What would you do if you found a place that you could afford easier but kids weren't allowed? Are you willing to get rid of them as well? Do not let your landlord decide who you will have in your family.

How many times have I read that a landlord considers a fish a pet? Yes, it's funny to even think about but, it's their rule. So before you run off and get another cat, dog, rabbit or whatever animal, make sure you know what your landlord considers a pet and how many you are allowed to have. Then go with the ones you know you will never let go. If you can have 4 great! 1 bird, 1 fish, 1 dog and 1 cat, if you want all of them. Rehoming a pet isn't always easy for you but it is even worse for the pet. They no longer know what is ok to do or not do. Will they be fed on the same schedule, fed the same food, or be alone at home a lot, live inside or outside, on a chain (ugh). Will they have kids to play with or kids that pull on their tails, try to ride their backs or hit them with sticks?

So you have tried everything and just can't take the pet with you. Reach out to several local rescues in your current place and in the area where you are going. Let them know what your situation is. See if they can offer some guidance or help with your situation. Give them time and let them adopt the pet out for you or with you while you are able to keep the pet safely with you. Let them know when you have to leave and give them time to reach out to rescues where you are going to see if they can get you a foster up there. There are so many options. The rescue that says they can help, they already know what day you are leaving and may be working on applications for a foster for when you do leave. Just give them more than, I leave in 2 weeks. What? So you want a miracle? Most people know a couple of months in advance. Give the rescue the same time frame. You can even let them know that you are struggling to find a place that will let you take your pet but are still looking around to find something that will. That works out great if you do. All you have to do is call them and say, hey, I found a place that will let me keep them! The rescue will be thrilled for both you and your pet but give them time to find something just in case. You made a commitment to love and care for them forever and sometimes that isn't always possible to do. You can be responsible for what happens to them though. Their life depends on you.

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