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Saturday Morning Hope 10/19/2019

Hope was a little restless and I can't sleep. So I decided to have a little girl time. For the last 20 minutes, Hope got a coconut milk serum rub. She seemed to like it a lot. So I decided that maybe a sponge bath would help her relax. I got a bowl of warm water and baby shampoo. Yall, she loved it, so much so, she exposed her belly for me. Any dog lover knows that her doing that shows trust! The pic is still hard to look at, but she is so relaxed right now. I also think I see a little shine on her fur. She is going to be so amazingly beautiful!

We cannot thank our fellow rescuer, Adeana, for opening her heart and her home to offer this girl the kind of love and care she has not gotten in a very long time.

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