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If you're Breeding, you're Killing

A message from our founder.

Did you know that Texas is the number 1 state that euthanizes dogs? Number 1!! Not something to be proud of! I find it very hard to be proud to be Texan knowing that our shelters have to euthanize for space! Because our citizens refuse to SPAY AND NEUTER!

Each year over a million shelter animals are euthanized! 670,000 dogs are killed! 860,000 cats are killed! And everyone wants to blame the shelters and yell at them because they are killing animals. Do you know they have the HARDEST job of all?! Because they HAVE to make that decision!

I run a rescue, trying to save lives and then get on my personal fb and see the joys of someone else's post, how proud they are because their dog had puppies!! SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR DOGS!!!! 670,000 DOGS DIE EVERY YEAR BECAUSE THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH HOMES FOR THEM! I know you will always take your puppies back, blah blah blah! Heard before when we saved a purebred malinois starving off the side of the road! Yup she had a chip, not registered to anyone! She was bred, the breeder quit breeding at some point and could careless about the starving dog I now had.

Dogs/cats are dying because HUMANS will not do the right thing. Spay and neuter. That's all. There are programs that will help, low cost places that will help. STOP BREEDING YOUR DOGS BECAUSE YOU WANT ONE LIKE HIM/HER. STUPID! IT IS STUPID! like humans ALL DOGS ARE DIFFERENT! you are NOT cloning your dog! You are adding to a problem that will never end of people don't SPAY AND NEUTER!

I could go on!

Below is a collage of dogs that will be dying in a shelter because someone bred or allowed their parents to breed. I live with these faces daily. The people that work/volunteer in the shelters see these faces daily, fall in love with these dogs and hurt knowing they can't save them. They have tried, these dogs will die and the shelter workers/volunteers will continue to fight for the other 15-20(small shelter) that are still in the shelter. Bigger shelter is more like 100's!


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1 Comment

Jaqi Jones
Jaqi Jones
Aug 06, 2021

It is so sad the situation in Texas, I don’t understand the mentality of people who will not spay and neuter and people who treat animals like they are disposable…it breaks my heart… thank you for writing this article I hope that some people read it and vow to adopt rather than support a breeder.

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