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Transporting Animals

Today, Bosco gets to take a ride. He will be leaving from Texas to travel to Montana. I have not had the opportunity just yet to go on a transport but one day, I will go with them. At them moment however, we send these babies on rides that more often than not, take days to get to their destination. Looking for a transporter you like and can trust is not as easy as you may think.

It wasn't long after we started this rescue that we learned there were different ways for these animals to transport. They can go by car, truck, van and we have even had them on an airplane. It is usually not cheap to send them from one state to another and can cost anywhere from $200-$500 per animal depending on distance and the kind of care you are willing to pay for. Rescues like ours, we are a bit picky and do require one of the more expensive transports. Here is why.

When you pay the lower cost, you are probably having an animal put into a box truck. A box truck will have minimal stops, usually gas and driver or passenger tending to their own needs while the animals sit in their feces the entire trip. The box truck usually has no form of fresh air or ventilation and the animals are left in the back the entire trip without their food or water being checked the entire trip. I am sure you have read where animals have died during transport. This is usually that kind of transport. There is nobody really looking after the pets in the back in the dark alone.

Vans are usually in the middle for the price range. The one we use travels all night with another driver, each taking their turns on sleeping and driving. They can see and monitor the animals at all times and will make at least two stops a day to allow the animals to get out and have their bathroom/stretching legs kind of break. Their kennels will be cleaned out of any accidents and they will be fed and watered. They try to get from point A to point B with all animals safely and in a timely manner. With this one, you have to really depend on the veterinarians and senders to be honest and not give or lie to get a health certificate to any animal that should be quarantined or not sent on transport. It only takes one sick animal to make them all sick. Sometimes it will take days for symptoms to show in those that traveled with them and the new owners to realize they received an animal that can infect one of the pets they already had. If you choose to go this route, just be honest when they see their vet. Have they had a cough, runny nose, acted differently in any way? If so tell the veterinarian and let the animal make the next trip when you know they are healthy.

Cars and personal trucks will be the most expensive as they are more of a private transport. You will pay to have those that only you want, maybe with one more depending on how many you have coming for yourself. How many animals do you really want to throw into a smaller area right? The driver will often stop for themselves to eat and bathroom breaks and the animals will get the same kind of treatment. They too will get a meal, snack or treat when it is not meal time and get to jump out, stretch their legs and use the bathroom. If the trip is long and the driver stops to sleep, the animal is usually with them. They are treated like a friend or companion along the way.

No matter what form you decide to go with, and we do not ever recommend the box truck and all animals will require a health certificate. I may have missed some information in this, but for now, this is what we have seen and experienced. Do your research, ask questions and find out how things are done with the rescue or other organization where you are getting your pet from. If you do not like how they do transport. Ask if you have other options on how to get the pet to you. Whatever you do, do not make this decision lightly. A life depends on it.

Good luck Bosco, happy travels sweet boy! It is going to be a long ride but you will get loved on along the way. We will forever love and miss you!

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