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Why Rescues Have Higher Adoption Fees

When you see that pet that catches your eye and you instantly fall in love and have to have it, then you see the adoption fee and think, it's cheaper to get one from a shelter. It's usually true. Getting them from a shelter cost less. Have you ever wondered why? Let's break it down a little.

A shelter will usually, sometimes do basic vaccinations, but not always. Shelters do not have the funds needed to ensure that each pet gets what it needs. A rescue usually pulls from shelters, sees, loves and gets to know the pet. Before we even begin with all that, we look at their physical, emotional and medical health and appearance. Our first priority is to get them seen by a Veterinarian that can tell us if they have medical needs that need to be addressed immediately. Once we know they are on the right path to being healthy, we look at their physical appearance. Do they need grooming or other special needs for their skin or fur.

While the vetting is the most expensive, training can be hard, challenging and frustrating for both the rescue and the animal that is in need of it. Most fosters will handle their own training as far as house training or teaching manners. Fosters play a huge role in helping rescues become and stay successful. The rescue depends on the foster to be tough and strong, not giving up or ready to throw the animal out as rescues are very limited on placement of animals. Most rescues are kept at full capacity at all times to include each foster, board member, friend and some family members are depended on to help. When a foster or board member is unable to provide the level of training that an animal needs, we turn to outside professional sources and the prices get a little steep. One person may pay $250 for adoption fee that cost the rescue $90 but another may pay the $250 for a dog that cost $2700 in vetting or training. Obviously nobody is going to pay that outrageous amount for a pet so adopting them out for what they cost the rescue is out of the question because they would be full and unable to pull any more animals at all.

If you adopt an animal through a rescue, please pay their adoption fee knowing they are adopting a healthy, trained and safe pet. I have recently seen that some people are paying their adoption fees then turning around and cancelling their payment. It is frustrating because that very move cost another animal the medical it needs and puts the rescue in a bind. If you want to adopt, please pay the adoption fee so others can get the same chance, treatment and love that the one you adopt has received. Texas has very few rescues due to their lack of financial support and they often have to turn to other parts of the country for assistance. I hear and read people posting, that live in Texas, all the time about how they want someone to help these pets in Texas. We are trying, but we can NOT do it without your help.

PLEASE help us help them!

The photo shown is Buddy who is waiting for ACL surgery and having difficulty walking. He needs OUR help. Surgery is scheduled 07/23/2021. Consider helping Buddy walk and live a pain free, happy life.

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