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As shelters fill and begin to overflow Rescues everywhere are at or over capacity. Networkers and shelter volunteers are among those that suffer the most. They walk, play, entertain, train, photograph and talk to the dogs as they do their own. Networks will gather information and photos and get to know who the dog is. Likes and dislikes, fears and comforts are information often used to get the attention of rescues and potential adopters. They get a group of people that offer pledges from $1 and up to get rescues to notice.

Why do pledges help rescues? It is not because the rescue is greedy and after money. It is often a way of saying; this dog has money to help get the vetting it needs. Rescues may take a dog with $900 in pledges and only spend $300 to prepare that dog for an adopter but collected no pledges on a dog hit by a car that needed help immediately. The dog hit by the car with no pledges cost them $12-1500. What people don't always realize; rescues have dogs dropped at the rescue. No warning, no pledges, no bag of food, just a dog wondering around lose, lost, hungry and sad.

Dumped dogs create other problems as well. Nothing is known about them. Have they had any vetting? Have they been sick with something possibly contagious that can make the other dogs currently residing there ill? What harm can it do right? All dogs at a rescue are already vaccinated. Wrong. Most rescue groups work 40 hour shifts to pay their bills and take care of the vetting that donations do not cover. Because they work, appointments have to be made. Some appointments take weeks or even months to get into. Rescues don't get special treatment with vets. Most vets don't even offer discounts to rescue, they pay the same price as you. Think it's hard to pay $30-$50 a month for 1 dogs heartworm prevention? Try buying 30-70 of them each month.

It's hard for rescues to watch the networkers and volunteers scream for help for dogs.

To know that a date is set, to be helpless and unable to do nothing more than share, beg, plead, hope and pray, a feeling of shear dread, sadness and disappointment. Unless an adopter or rescue steps forward.

This month, we want to make a larger stand. By doing so we hope to avoid having to close our doors completely. We want to see dogs get adopted. We want the pets we have that are ready for their forever homes to find their way into the homes of loving adopters so we can begin our work with the shelter networkers and volunteers. Can you help us? Share our website. We are offering $150 adoptions from June 30, 2022-July 31, 2022. Out of state? Transport is available. Talk to us about how we can get the pup you want to your door, into your open arms and loving home.

A sneak peak of some available dogs. The link to see them all is below the photos. Also find us on Petfinder and adopt a pet.

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