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Annie Love

Annie was living on a road near our home. No one feeding

or taking care of her. It took me 3 days to gain her trust enough for me to get her in my vehicle. I would go out and see her, spend time with her, feed her and talk to her. On the third day she got into my vehicle with me and we drove away. Annie Love is with one of the best fosters we have. She has taught Annie to trust and that not all humans are bad. At Annie's vet visit it was discovered that she is heartworm positive. She is being spayed and then we will begin heartworm treatment. Annie is a young girl about 2 years old and full of life. She has grown so much while in foster. Now is the time for Annie to find a home. We are looking for someone who would love to adopt Annie on a foster to adopt basis. What that means basically is you foster her until her heartworm treatment is complete and then the adoption goes through. She is housetrained and will be spayed and is up to date on shots.

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