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A Little about Our Rescue

I am not the one that ever had the dream to have, run or be a part of a rescue. When my sister came to me with the idea I thought, why not? I love dogs, mainly because of her and the tiny little thing she brought me. Oh that pup....she was accident prone and required a lot of attention and love. I told Traci then, I don't mind doing the paperwork side of it. No big deal. I am good with a computer, love paperwork and bookkeeping type stuff. I did taxes for a while so I know what to keep up with. What I didn't realize, there is soooooo much paperwork to even get started! I swear half if not more was written in a foreign language. We got it though. We reached out to other rescues and found help from a super sweet dog loving woman out of Montana that was more than willing and able to help us get up and running. She walked us through what needed to get done and how to do it and who gets what paperwork. She was and still is a huge help to us. I also didn't count on what came after we got started.

At first, after the legal stuff was set up, it was so easy. We set up Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, website and lots of adoption pages. We would find a homeless dog close to us and go work with it for a few hours a day until it trusted, usually Traci, enough to bring it home. Dogs at abounded buildings or in parking lots that were in such poor shape it made you want to cry for days. Traci began partnering with other shelters....then the hard stuff started.

Photo after photo of heartbreaking images of dogs filled our emails. How could we help them all? We have very few to no local fosters and a community that gives very little. Dogs are everywhere! I don't really believe that people didn't or don't want to help, we all have our struggles and money is by far not something that is free for all. We struggle every day with getting the dogs we have into vet visits because a vet, like money, is not free. Most of the dogs are heartworm positive and when Traci started finding places that were under $400 for treatment we were thrilled. Still not easy though. Once we got a dog we couldn't get another one until that one was adopted. Our first adoption was a celebration! We were beyond excited! It really is going to happen. We got a small building that would hold a few, build a pen or two and get a couple of more dogs. Once again......Montana (where dogs are spoiled and get to go to work with their parents!). I am not even sure how Traci ended up speaking to them but once she did WOW! In January alone 27 dogs went from Texas to Montana or were adopted locally. We have fosters all over Texas and some in Montana. There are several different veterinarians that we use depending on where the dog and foster are at.

We still can't save them all. We do hope to one day have a shelter built that will hold dogs. We, yes we....she has gotten me all addicted to saving these precious lives. We dream of having a shelter large enough to hold at least 10 dogs and have controlled heat and air with inside/outside doors, a play yard and activity/training area, a bath station and laundry area. We have the space to put all of this but no funds for it at the moment. Who know what will happen in the coming years.

Our current goal is to try and get a van. Nothing big or flashy but something that will allow us to travel with 5 -7 dogs or so. Something just big enough to allow us to pick up more than one or two dogs when we drive 6 or more hours to get them. If you are able to help us out with how to go about getting one, we would appreciate your input. There are ways to help a rescue without it costing. We do not know everything, never will know about everything so just sharing knowledge is also helpful. If you are able to donate towards us getting a van, that would also be greatly appreciated.

Photo shown is the first girl we picked up locally from the side of the road, what she looked like when we picked her up and the other, same girl "Lady" now "Annie". It took 3 days to get her to trust us and get into the vehicle. The second photo is also an old photo and you wouldn't recognize her if you seen her today. She is a happy and healthy girl that we will forever love.

Do not forget that donations made of $25 between the 13th and the 27th is entered into our drawing for the Peace, Love and Rescue crochet blanket in colors of your choice. Every $25 is another entry! It is a sponsored gift that cost the rescue nothing. You can see more details in the "Enter to Win" blog.

Thank you to each and every one of you for what you do to make saving these lives possible.

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