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Making pledges

It never fails that a photo of a beat up dog or cat comes across your page, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or other social media. This animal needs help immediately! Everyone is quick to complain about how awful people are to allow it to get into such condition and as a rescue, we agree. Some people are just not responsible pet owners. What always gets me is the, "pledge to draw a rescue!"

At one time, a person's word had meaning. If someone said they would do something, they followed through. I can't tell you the number of times we have seen that to no longer be the case. Rescues depend on those pledges to help get that animal the care it needs. Rescues can no longer go off what pledges are offered. We have done it and ended up in a debt that we are still trying to pay off. Rescues can't have unpaid veterinarian bills or they can't get their animals in to see them.

We appreciate those that do stand by their word and could never thank them enough. Not because it keeps us from being in debt but because the animal is able to get the treatment it so desperately needs and deserves. So to you those that honor your pledges, you are the backbone of a rescue. Thank you for what you do! No matter the amount, it always adds up, $5, $10 or whatever it is! Thank you!

To those that never honor those pledges, stop pledging. You are giving the pledges a bad reputation and taking away from the abilities of the rescue. Rescues see the pledges and think... It will cost $3000 to get the medicals it needs. $2400 is pledged but of that we might see $1200. We can't afford to help this baby. So stop pledging if you're not going to follow through.

We are also still running our drawing. $25 donation gets you into the drawing. For more details, see the post "enter to win".

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