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Our Best Friends

What a lot of people do not realize is that in Texas, one of the first animals to die are owner surrenders. Why? I really do not know. It doesn't help when the people say they don't get along with other dogs or they are aggressive with me kids or they killed a cat or chicken. Saying that is fine if it's the truth. However, I have seen that it's not always true.

When we get these dogs we are told, not who surrendered them but why they were surrendered. We make a note, not good with cats then double check and it kisses the cat instead of biting it. If a dog is just too much for you to handle, say so. Some young pups are so full of happy and energy that they just can't help themselves. They want to show the world they love them! So, they run, they bounce, the pounce and they give kisses and are just this super hyper pup! It's a lot sometimes. I know, I have one!! He makes me super tired! But I love his outlook on life. No worries, no cares about anything that may be bothering you. You are their world and they just can't hold back showing that love and how happy they are to see you. Sit down with them. Let them get in your face and give you kisses like you have never gotten because you will never be loved in a more pure way. They don't care who you are, what you did in your past or even earlier that day. They love you for taking care of them and providing for their needs.

Sure, a child loves you the same way until they get old enough to tell you to stop running their lives and making you feel like you never do enough or give enough. Usually that's the wonderful teen stage. That stage of learning how to be independent and becoming their own person and your pain in the process. 😂 We love them anyway though. We don't give up on them or take them to a shelter and drop them off... Though that has been very tempting at times! We just don't do it. A dog should be treated the same. Like that crazy teen you love, that dog will get older and calmer. The older they get, the more difficult it is to jump up on you and give that same love they once did. They will greet you at the door but move slower or lay their heads in your lap while you sit on the couch watching a movie. They will still smile and wag their tails, but with age, you get the more calm greeting. It's then that you realize they are nearing their end. All that time they have been at your side. No matter what life through at you, you always had that one that loved you no matter what. That one that never judged you. That one that will never leave your side until he or she crosses that rainbow bridge. All the pup wants, is for you to be as dedicated to him or her as he or she is to you. Stay with them until their very end.

I miss the babies that have gone before me and couldn't thank them enough for all the laughs they gave me, even when times were bad.

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