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A little bit about rescues

I find that a lot of people think a rescue picks up some animals from a shelter and then pays $30-$75 getting it vetted and spayed or neutered and then turns around and wants to make a profit by homing it for $120-$300 dollars. That is far from what happens. I have done most of the paperwork side of this rescue but have seen so much more. Let me tell you a little of what I have seen.

I have seen dogs get picked up from the street by people that had more patience and kindness than seems possible. I have seen them go and sit on the side of the road for an hour or more for days at a time feeding, talking to and when they are able petting and loving on these animals. The food, yes some is donated but not nearly enough for the amount of dogs that a rescue will need. They do it though. They wait until the animal trust them enough to get into their car on their own. I have sat in the car waiting, not making a sound for that moment the trust is earned, held my breath as the animal is brought closer and closer to the car and wondered, is this the day we get to take it to a safe place? When it does happen, there are tears of joy and excitement. The tears are not "oh good, no more sitting on the road" tears, they are tears from, they trust me and know I wont hurt them. Depending on how long they have been on their own, medical cost can get pricy. Rescues do not get discounts in our area. We have seen it in areas that are 4-8 hours away but we can't make that drive all the time. We have full time jobs just like everyone else.

We have gotten calls from people of dogs abandoned or appearing lost that are in such bad shape we cry for the animals. They are in so much pain that if they can walk it's painful to them and each step is a struggle. Not all dogs from the streets are the only ones that are like this. We have gotten them from shelters in the same condition. Shelters can't afford the treatments that would be required for these babies due to their budgets. More often than now, they are euthanized because it is cheaper. Most shelters do not want to go that route but have very few options when people want to adopt just puppies from backyard breeders or puppy mills.

I have seen medical cost go into the thousands easily and then we, not all rescues but we adopt them out for $150. We take that loss. If we raid $400 for an expense that cost $3000 in only medical that's a pretty big loss. That's not taking into consideration what it cost to feed them, the cost of toys, treats, blankets or anything else that is given to these animals. The most common question I hear though is, can we drop the adoption fee some? We already have. No rescue that I know of makes a profit on the adoption fee. That adoption fee is usually just enough to cover the first medical visit for the next dog that comes in. I ask you to please consider this when you reach out to a rescue to adopt.

Once medical bills are covered, we have to consider the animal. What is their personality like? Are they scared of men, women, children, other animals, trains, cars or does the sound of the wind make them jump? It may not matter to some what they are scared of but it is important to know in order to help us find them the right home. They have already been dumped, abandoned, beaten, starved or neglected and that leaves scars. We want to make sure that the dogs go into a home that will have no issues with what problems they have. It can take 2 weeks to 3 months for us to get an application approved because we want to make sure they are all going home together to live happily forever.

All we ask is that you show patience and kindness. Let us help you find that perfect pet. We want you to have the pet you are interested in but we also want to make sure you will not have any problems with it. We want to verify what size a puppy we have will get, if a dog chases chickens, cows or cats....we want you to know that in advance.

Show below is Annie. One of our very first pups to be removed from the streets in our small Texas town. She doesn't look anything like this now. She has put on some weight and her coat, so beautiful and healthy.

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