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Giving up a foster

One of the most difficult task that I have had to face in my part of the rescue is sending off the first pup I have fostered. My home is usually too full with pups that I have taken in forever to assist. As they get older and start to pass I find my home is quiet, even with 2 teenagers and 6 dogs. My home has had 9 dogs and 3-5 kids with a grandchild. It sounds crazy and hectic and often it really is. However, there is never a dull moment. If a kid isn't being a goof then a dog is. After a quiet, calm house for a while, bringing a young, 4 month old no idea what breed dog (vet said pit mix, but she was too small, google said Shephard and some people said Chihuahua mix). Whatever sweet Nova was, she came in with such a happy, fun loving personality, Everything was a toy and everything was game. I started calling her No No Nova because I had to tell her No so many times. The life I knew was over. No more calm, no peace, no quiet, no relaxing. Only get her out of that, off of that, away from that. Wires, cords and plugs had to be replaced for many devices. You would think it made me crazy and sometimes it did. Instead, I started to love that care free, happy go lucky personality that I could see in her. She was like having a bright light in a dark world. She left for transport yesterday and it broke my heart to send her away. I know she is in excellent hands with out transporter and seriously would not have sent her if I thought otherwise. Nova left for her new life to Montana from Texas where she will be spoiled and well cared for by someone that had been searching for the right pup to add to their family. They found her I think. I don't bond easily with any dog and boy did I fall hard and fast for that sweet girl. I only had her for about 3 weeks. Sending her off wasn't hard, it's the thought that she doesn't understand why I sent her off. I wish you the best my sweet sweet Nova. I can't wait to hear from your adopter and see all the happy photos and videos of you in your new home that you will be in forever. No more worries for you my sweet girl. So why foster? Nova didn't know love, security or what a home was. She went from dumped on the streets to a shelter to a temporary foster to me (foster to adopt). She got a feel for a home, love, security and to know that people do love and protect not harm and dump. Good luck Nova.

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