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Animal Rescue Pay

I read an article today that had me laughing. I read that those that work animal rescue get paid 32k-64k a year. That could be true...for some. Those large rescues that you see televised or appearing in news articles or see the giant advertisements on. They may be able to pay their people. Most of the people that I have met in rescue though, they don't get paid at all. We all work full time jobs, come home and tend to our fosters, check in and chat with our other foster, make calls during lunches and breaks at work checking references for those that put in an application to adopt, setting up vet appointments and so much more that I really couldn't even put in one place. Last year Voice for Animals brought in just about $16,000 in grants and donations. We spent over $22,000 on food, supplies and medical expenses. Who pays the extra cost? Those of us that are running the rescue. Being part of a rescue is not a get rich scheme. We don't want to be and truth be known, if we came across a million dollars we could tell you where it would. Larger area for the dogs, food storage area, larger yards and all of it would be animal related. We would also invest in that van that we have been needing too though. I do not know how many times we have driven our personal vehicles 4, 5, 8 hours away from home to get 2 dogs wishing we had room to put two more in there. Most of your local rescues don't get paid, they work with the animals on their times and days off and while at work, they are still thinking about what they can do or managing what is going to be done. When we say, we couldn't do this without you, we aren't joking. Just like any other business, we need our supporters and we thank each and every single one of you that made last year possible and helping us hang in there for this year as well. We love you all for helping us help them.

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