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It never fails that I will sign onto Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or some other form of social media and see these post about people selling puppies. "Awe, they are so cute, how much?" I am almost instantly irritated. I know some or even most may go to great homes and they will be loved forever but there is always that thought that slaps me, How long before they are a member of a rescue?. I get and understand that puppies are tiny and cute and can be trained from an early age to be how you want them to be. I also have seen those that don't understand how much time, patience and energy it requires to be put into that training. They are soon frustrated because this now 10 month old dog that is 35 pounds will not stop taking food out of their kids hands. Well, did you teach them as puppies that it was ok? I have taken in a full grown Pit Bull from a shelter, brought her home with me and found that, she wasn't trained. She thought it was ok to take food straight off the table. It took a while but she caught on that it was a no go in my house. By then she was already at least 2 years old. Just because a dog is grown, doesn't mean it can't learn. They are very intelligent critters and can and will learn what you expect, some quicker than others and many already know.

Puppies that don't get trained properly are sometimes abused before they are dumped off on a cold, lonely road with no idea what to do or where to go or taken to a shelter with some sorry excuse. One thing I have heard someone say, "they bite". Good job, you just sentenced your dog that you didn't train to the death penalty because you couldn't tell the truth at the shelter. It's the difference of them taking them free or with a fee.

With so many homeless and hungry dogs already, we don't need more puppies. I understand the breed specific that are seldom seen in shelters or rescues but even those can be found in reviews and there is no reason to have puppies for breeds that are being euthanized daily. Thousands are in shelters sick or injured needing care and love they never knew and warmth, food, shelter and things that some think, they get that in a shelter. No, they don't. Not because the workers don't want to give them all of that but they don't have a large enough budget. They are often on hard, cold concrete floors in a kennel that is shared with 2 or 3 other dogs depending on the shelter and what they can hold. Once they are full, that's it. which one gets euthanized? Those that are ill or injured. Those that were dumped off on some back road to nowhere where they had to survive on their own. They become skittish and scared of people and snap when they get close. Did this dog deserve to be killed? No. A human didn't prevent the birth, didn't fulfill their obligations or stand by their responsibilities and do what was right for that animal.

If you are going to breed, have the animals chipped before they are taken from your home. Register the chip to them before they leave with it. Have them pay for the pet and the expenses you have taken on with the first shots, deworming, chipping and such. I seen a post on Facebook today that had puppies and for the first time, it didn't anger me. She simply said, "Donate to a rescue or other charity, receipt will be required. Awesome. She didn't want or need the money but still charged for them. Excellent way to go. You can also have a contract drawn out that proof of spay or neuter is done at or before the age of 6 months. If money isn't an issue, have a rescue adopt them out for you so that you know the people were checked out and approved to be a good home for a pet.

Accidental litters do happen. We understand that also. Central Texas is one of the most expensive places to have dogs spayed and neutered. Reach out to a rescue, let them help you home the pups and while at, find out if there are any resources are available to help you with spaying. We don't just save animals, we are here for the owners as well. Helping owners helps the animals. We do have dog fighting rings here and you may only think those to be big dogs, but the small dogs are the bait. Let us help prevent what we can.

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